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**This was an In-Character journal for characters played in a World of Darkness chronicle. The primary character of the Journal was Lisa Stall, a former hedge wizard and current member of Clan Tremere. It now is going to be my gaming journal for various games and where I may generally babble about characters and such.**

The memories contain a list of all the gaming summaries from the games these characters have played in. There are several times where only one or two of the characters I have played will actually have entries for a given game. This is because only that character actually had anything substatial happen in game.

If you're interested in knowing about the freak behind the wheel on these, go check out my real journal. jdotmi

Statistics and Biography of Lisa Stall
Statistics and Biography of Miranda Watson
Statistics and Biography of Arishayar the Scourge
Statistics and Biography of Bei Ling
Statistics and Biography of Morrighan Jouteur

All characters presented within this journal are the property of J Charles (jdotmi) and are © 2000-2005. They may not be taken or used without his express written consent. The events of the World of Darkness chronicle are © 2001-2005 by J Brown (templar_rose) and may not be reproduced without his permission.

Permission is granted to link to any entry within this journal from any source.

All graphical images (aside from LiveJournal provided images) are owned and © J Charles 2001-2005. "Blood Tear" and "Blood Rose" are used with permission and many thanks from kageneko and may not be taken without her express written consent.
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